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The Arrival of Luke (Book 4)

Author : Nanie Iscuit
Translator : Judith Barbouche
4.7x6.7 inches, 76 pages in black and white

Paru en April 2011

ISBN : 9782918206217


The half term holidays are over and Victor, Madeleine, Shania and all the other children are happy to go back to Woodlodge School.
Each one of them is impatient to share his or her experiences, family customs and unexpected meetings ...
Will Luke's arrival bring the pupils even closer together? Has Granddad got more surprises up his sleeve?
Although Christmas is still a few weeks away, November is no longer a dreary month. Quite the contrary : the projects, holidays, school trips and new pupils are the 'vitamins' to see them through to the end of the year!

The Arrival of Luke (Book 4)