Nanie Iscuit

Who is Nanie Iscuit ?

« The word of a grandmother echoes like a source of comfort and wisdom ». The author, veiled behind a mascot representing every child's grandmother, is in fact a real grandmother who wishes to convey to all her readers her love for nature, travel and an open-minded vision of the world.

Tomoko Kitagawa

The young Japanese girl Tomoko Kitagawa was destined to become a designer and interior architect but chose to illustrate Nanie Iscuit's books with her fine, dreamy, colours which give a poetic balance to the visual world of Nanie.

Judith Barbouche

An English grandmother, close to Nanie Iscuit, she enjoys translating the texts and making them as appealing in English as they are in French. She's got all the qualities a talented translator needs.

Songs from Nanie

Nanie is the author of one French song, translated and sung by Albane Château. Both available on cd.

Nanie... animated !

To go with the song, a video-clip depicts Nanie Iscuit in a 3D adventure. Crossing the world and even flying through space to give out her books.